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Category Archives: Homebrew

Source: Robotic Glockenspiel and Hacked HDD’s Make Music

In one integrated design and print process, you can now create objects with a suite of embedded sensors

Not as conductive as Black Magic 3D, this material can be used for resistive and capacitive sensors such as buttons and sliders.

Source: PrintPut Integrates Touch Sensors Into 3-D Printed Objects – IEEE Spectrum

Graphene-based 3-D printing filament may trigger an explosion of printing electronics and circuitry

3D print electrical circuits embedded within your 3D structures with Bacl Magic 3D from Graphene 3D Lab, Inc.

Qualcomm-backed Brain Corporation announce BrainOS, a development kit incorporating 3D printable designs, AI-software tools and Qualcomm-powered hardware, to make it easier for developers to build learning robots. I assume BrainOS will support Qualcomm’s Neuromorphic chips when they become available.

Brain Corporation Builds BrainOS to Train and Democratize Robots | Xconomy.

Almost ending funding:

iBox Nano – Worlds Smallest, Least Expensive 3D Printer by iBox Printers — Kickstarter.

Great reuse of old CDROM drives!

EWaste 60$ 3DPrinter.

Foldscope: Origami based print and fold paper-microscope.

An origami $1 microscope that can open up micro-biology to everyone, in particular schools across developing countries (although we could also do with them here in the UK too).

Foldscopes can provide up to roughly 2,100x magnification, providing a resolution of about 0.7 microns. Can be looked through or used to project.

Instructable instructions on building your own RepRap.

3D Printer.

Low power simple mesh networking.

Pinoccio – Wireless microcontroller for web-enabled DIY projects..

Article at MAKE


3D printer from 40 Raspberry PIs with camera modules see to make a pretty good quality cheap (~£1800) 3D scanner.