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Category Archives: 3D Printing

A morphology-changing robot is potentially a good platform to embody and evaluate simulated robot morphologies.

Source: Robot Melts Its Bones to Change How It Walks – IEEE Spectrum

Looking forward to a 3D printer that can print these.

More information at with link to the paper with some 3d printed examples and the source code.

Props to RCLifeOn for sharing his 3D printed quadcopter propeller experiments!

Source: 3D Printed Propellers Take to the Skies | Hackaday

Additive Manufacturing of Optically Transparent Glass Mediated Matter Group in collaboration with…

Coil pot glass 3D printer that uses a glass printing process called G3DP which apparently gives control over geometry and optical qualities such light transmission, reflection and refraction to affect the transparency and colour variation.

The best thing about this is that the glass is over 1000°C and whole thing glows.

In one integrated design and print process, you can now create objects with a suite of embedded sensors

Not as conductive as Black Magic 3D, this material can be used for resistive and capacitive sensors such as buttons and sliders.

Source: PrintPut Integrates Touch Sensors Into 3-D Printed Objects – IEEE Spectrum

Graphene-based 3-D printing filament may trigger an explosion of printing electronics and circuitry

3D print electrical circuits embedded within your 3D structures with Bacl Magic 3D from Graphene 3D Lab, Inc.

First zero-g 3D printer has launched into space by SpaceX

Qualcomm-backed Brain Corporation announce BrainOS, a development kit incorporating 3D printable designs, AI-software tools and Qualcomm-powered hardware, to make it easier for developers to build learning robots. I assume BrainOS will support Qualcomm’s Neuromorphic chips when they become available.

Brain Corporation Builds BrainOS to Train and Democratize Robots | Xconomy.

44 parts in 44 hours = 3D car

You still have to add all  the metal components and electonic parts!

via HackedGadgets

by LocalMotors #3dPrintedCar.