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Tag Archives: robotics

A morphology-changing robot is potentially a good platform to embody and evaluate simulated robot morphologies.

Source: Robot Melts Its Bones to Change How It Walks – IEEE Spectrum

Fly-inspired robotics.

Source: Robotic Fruit Fly Won’t Eat Your Fruit | Hackaday


Wireless although ‘tethered’ to a laser beam for power. A next evolution of Washington University’s RoboBees.

Soft-body manta ray-inspired bot uses surrounding water as one of the electrodes to contract silicone pockets of hydrogel that flap the wings. It’s speedy, strong, temperature robust, wireless and almost invisible. Developed by Tiefeng Li of Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China. Article at ScienceMag  and here’s the paper.

Source: Watch this robotic manta ray speed through the water

Self-folding origami robots are cool. This paper one uses layers of paper and heat-activated shape-memory polymer that bends when heated to create structural folds. This origami robot autonomously constructs itself, unlike the awesome Mobee also from Harvard.


Learn electronics and programming building the nanomouse. Free online video lectures at, open 3D printable frame and all the electronics available in a kit for $100 kit. All parts details at Michael Backus’s Nanomouse site.

Artificial Intelligence with Arduinos by Michael Backus | Udemy.