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Category Archives: Research

A morphology-changing robot is potentially a good platform to embody and evaluate simulated robot morphologies.

Source: Robot Melts Its Bones to Change How It Walks – IEEE Spectrum

Fly-inspired robotics.

Source: Robotic Fruit Fly Won’t Eat Your Fruit | Hackaday


Wireless although ‘tethered’ to a laser beam for power. A next evolution of Washington University’s RoboBees.

More information at with link to the paper with some 3d printed examples and the source code.

Soft-body manta ray-inspired bot uses surrounding water as one of the electrodes to contract silicone pockets of hydrogel that flap the wings. It’s speedy, strong, temperature robust, wireless and almost invisible. Developed by Tiefeng Li of Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China. Article at ScienceMag  and here’s the paper.

Source: Watch this robotic manta ray speed through the water

Graphene-based 3-D printing filament may trigger an explosion of printing electronics and circuitry

3D print electrical circuits embedded within your 3D structures with Bacl Magic 3D from Graphene 3D Lab, Inc.

First zero-g 3D printer has launched into space by SpaceX

Qualcomm-backed Brain Corporation announce BrainOS, a development kit incorporating 3D printable designs, AI-software tools and Qualcomm-powered hardware, to make it easier for developers to build learning robots. I assume BrainOS will support Qualcomm’s Neuromorphic chips when they become available.

Brain Corporation Builds BrainOS to Train and Democratize Robots | Xconomy.

At The University of Southern California, Professor Behrokh Khoshnevis has built a colossal 3D printer that can build a house in 24 hours…

3D Printer Builds House In 24 Hours – Business Insider.

Cold Spray is a 3D printing technique using nano metal particles. Their high velocity creates adiabatic shear instability when it meets the substrate, i.e. it turns into a liquid solid and welds to the surface.

Slow Mo Guys – GE (by General Electric)