ColdSpray research from GE

Cold Spray is a 3D printing technique using nano metal particles. Their high velocity creates adiabatic shear instability when it meets the substrate, i.e. it turns into a liquid solid and welds to the surface.

Slow Mo Guys – GE (by General Electric)


Hacked Gadgets – DIY Tech…

Powered by compressed air; print your own from Thingverse.

Hacked Gadgets – DIY Tech….

Secretly Tag 3-D-Printed Objects With InfraStructs – IEEE Spectrum

Terahertz scanning used to image hidden 3D structures within 3D printed objects by detecting the solid-air interfaces. The system developed by Microsoft Research and presented at Siggraph 2013, can be used to encode identifiers for object recognition, or information associated with the object.

Secretly Tag 3-D-Printed Objects With InfraStructs – IEEE Spectrum.

Terminator 2-style liquid metal can now be 3D printed

3D printing with non-toxic liquid metal gallium and indium alloy. Printed neat as little droplets or slowly extruded from a syringe, the liquid forms a skin that gives it a little structure. However, if it can be incorporated into plastic and rubber 3D printers then it could provide a way to print electrical circuits within plastic objects and even enable bendable circuits to be created within rubberised materials. Gives another meaning to circuit bending.

Terminator 2-style liquid metal can now be 3D printed – tech – 09 July 2013 – New Scientist.

3D Printed Vacuum Former


3D Printed Vacuum Former

A great example of using a 3D printer to make something that makes things. It’s available on Thingyverse and coupled with a powerful vacuum you can make molds of anything you like. The creator says you can use it to make molds of 3D things you have printed. I suppose you could also just print the mold directly but then you don’t get a decent enough mold for making chocolate wonders.

3D printers are ace.

3D Printed Vacuum Former – Hacked Gadgets – DIY Tech Blog.

Bulk refill hack for Cube 3D printer

 The Cube from 3D Systems is a good little entry-level consumer friendly 3D printer that gets a reasonably good review in the essential-reading MAKE’s Ultimate 3D Printer Guide (a free PDF version of which you can get by subscribing to the newsletter). This hack allows users to use bulk generic print reels rather than the more expensive refill cartridges from Cube; the trade-off being a loss of user-friendly experience.

The hardware adapter was printed on the Cube. One of the most beautiful things about 3D printers!

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OTM-02 is a 3D printed wristwatch


Open Source 3D-Printed Watch

The OTM-02 (Open source Time Machine – version 2) is an open source watch design in development. The 7mm watch module will be housed in a 3D printed case, an intermediate design of which is pictured above. The development is still in progress with the release of a 3D CAD data for a printable case planned for end of April 2013.

OTM-02 is a 3D printed wristwatch.

3D Printed Stepper Motor

A stepper motor built pretty much from scratch using some nails, magnet wire, magnets, a digital controller (okay, that wasn’t built from scratch) and the wonders of a 3D printer.

3D Printed Stepper Motor – Hacked Gadgets – DIY Tech Blog.